FLOW Interiors Franiak&Caturowa

is a studio driven by the need to create, merging tradition both of the West and the East. In a private life two friends who shared the desks of Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts, where the idea of starting a design studio was born.

What defines us is the unusual and unique solutions. We design, offer advice, inspire and create new reality. 100% customer satisfaction is our unique quality.

A partnership approach

„When designing, we focus on the needs and budget of our investors. We pay close attention to what they communicate, concentrating on all the information so as we do not miss anything important. The outcome can be found in a variety of styles. It certainly requires us to explore new paths avoiding blindly following present trends. We aim to design timeless interiors, ones that are friendly for those wishing to live in them.”

Tatewik Caturowa

The Gdansk Academy Of Fine Arts Graduate

Also a graduate of Creapol ESDI of Paris. Co-founder of Flow Interiors. She is an oriental element in the duet. She is passionate about travels to remote places, where she finds new sources of inspiration and fresh ideas. Full of energy, she always wears a smile. Designing brings her pleasure and an opportunity to realise her creative passion.

Ewa Franiak

The Gdansk Academy Of Fine Arts Graduate

Co-founder of Flow Interiors design studio, the studio which strives not to be perceived as just a company but also as a creative outlet. Creative ever since she was a child, she is full of energy and original ideas.

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