Eco design

There are more and more people who would like to live in symbiosis with nature. Nowadays the way we choose to build our houses is more often dictated by our ecological awareness. We use modern, weather tight windows and class A+++ household appliances, we invest in solar panels.

In order to meet our customers’ increasing requirements and their needs, we decided to cooperate with 4REST company (, which produces furniture and interior trim using eco-design and upcycling.

Here’s what the studio owners of the studio write about themselves:

“We manage unusual projects comprehensively. We cooperate with designers, who are not afraid of challenges and think outside the box. From delivery and treatment of authentic and old materials, such as wood or steel, to bringing your ideas to life. What is more, we offer a wide range of ready products and a series of authorial designs, which we can adjust to your needs.”

4Rest design studio came to life as a result of passion for history, creative passion and constant opportunity to discover new possibilities. Products created there are unique, authorial and of top quality. What is especially appreciated is the functionality and timelessness. Our priority is using as much of the recycled material as possible – upcycling is not only a method of work but also a way of perceiving products; it’s a style of life and a way of thinking.

Eco Desing is the area of our activity, addressed to customers, who desire to create unique interiors while adopting eco-friendly approach to the environment.

More information about 4Rest products and projects can be found online at:


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