We respond to our customers’ individual needs therefore our offer includes different ranges which we can combine and modify.

Investment advice

If you are at the stage of buying a property and need help, in order to help you make the best decision, we will analyse the interior for you. We will check its potential and possible arrangements. This service will ensure you make the best possible choice, as it is often a choice made for life.

Additional Architect Supervisor

This is the offer addressed to the clients who need help with projects i.e. renovation supervision, assembly, making orders, dealing with deliveries, solving any potential problems that may arise, ordering furniture, elements and decorations. Additional Architect Supervisor is a combination of supervision of all the subcontractors, of all the trades, and taking over the responsibility for ordering and delivering materials. In this case, a client’s role includes accepting the full project design – as the first stage, followed by accepting the choice of materials, in accordance with available budget, and accepting quotes from subcontractors. The flat is ‘returned’ to its owner fully equipped and ready to live in.

Home staging

We prepare flats for sale and to rent in a professional and effective way. Small investment can improve attractiveness and, as a result, the price of the property and its value. We will coordinate any works carried out on the property. We will do all the shopping and all the necessary assembling. We provide professional photo shoot including styling in order to present full potential of the flat.

Flat Interior Design

The design process comprises three basic stages: AN INTERIOR ARRANGEMENT, which is significant as it defines functionality and ergonomic properties of a flat for years to come, SYLE DESIGN, which shows the final appearance of our flat. Visualisations enable us to see the full end effect. DOCUMENTATION including preparation of all the drawings, complete list of materials, needed for the project, with quantity and places of purchase. Finally, AUTHOR’S SUPERVISION, which involves detailed analysis of all the work, connected with the project, with contractor. Throughout the work progress, we offer support to our investor in managing work and orders.

Our achievements

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What makes us special?


We will create a project as well as organise a team who will put our interior design into life, all in one place. We provide work coordination with close cooperation with our subcontractors throughout the project completion.


We design private interiors, apartments to rent, restaurants, cafes and offices as well as do home staging. We like challenges and we’re not afraid of them.


We work with the same commitment regardless of budget. We like to think outside the box, we constantly search for new inspiration and don’t limit ourselves to specific styles. Our projects are fresh and timeless.

Passion and expierience

Over 150 completed projects and happy clients are get us noticed on the market. Each investment comes as a new challenge treated with great commitment. Our interiors can be found in trendy magazines and on internet websites, where we also publish our texts.

Home Staging

We prepare flats for sale as well as to rent in a professional and effective way. A small investment could improve the attractiveness of the property resulting in the improved attractiveness of its value. We provide professional photo shoot including property styling in order to present a flat’s full potential.

Appartments for rent

Our vast experience and knowledge is based on tens of apartment projects completed throughout Tri-City. We know the market and its requirements. Thanks to close cooperation with letting agencies we are able to adapt apartments to their needs. Thanks to ‘Additional Architect Supervisor’ function, we can complete the whole process –from designing to returning of completely furnished and equipped apartment into your hands.

Remote service

For those investors based outside Tri-City or those who lack time, we are able to manage projects remotely. We cooperate with clients from all around the world including the USA, Norway, Russia, Belgium and Denmark. Visualisations, professional material arrangement and coordination of all the work as a ‘Additional Architect Supervisor’ enable us to minimise the owners’ involvement.

Furniture design

Our individual approach to every apartment results in many examples of bespoke furniture. From kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, through to walk-in closets, units and upholstered furniture. Thanks to cooperation with top craftsmen, our imagination has no limits and we make the most of it. This results in unusual and unique designs.

We work with:

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